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Black Sea Catch

Job Description

Brand development,
Marketing strategy,
Ongoing consulting on product & marketing strategy implementation


Black Sea Catch is a brand that was founded with an ambitious purpose: to change the unattractive image of Black Sea’s produce and cuisine, and to introduce and promote sustainable fishing in it.

That’s brave enough.

But to us at the other half, it is much more: with Black Sea Catch, we took our brand building involvement on a whole new level.

We started working with the investors at a very early stage and were able to deeply intertweave the brand with the business model development. We developed and evaluated several possible scenarios for portfolio structure and products roll-out. Based on that, we shaped the long-term strategic outline of the brand, reflecting the company’s business goals.

We then took over the brand development, formulating the key brand elements, attributes and ethos. As a follow-up, we developed the frame for the brand’s communication, activities and storytelling.

The visual identity, package design and the comprehensive visual world of the brand were developed by our partners at Photon Graphics. They did an amazing job creating a complex palette of the identity, package design, art direction guidelines, templates etc. See the full visual case study here.

With having a clear brand essence and identity, half of the job was done.

The other half was how the brand was to come to life.

So we developed the marketing strategy, defining the brand activities and presence across all media channels and formats. We crafted the approach for the first phase of the brand’s life, the launch, and supported its execution.

Since then, we are overseeing the brand’s development and equity building, its strategic marketing, and all key brand assets being produced.

When the brand has a clear purpose, it can adapt more easily to changing environments. During the Covid-19 emergency state, we acted fast and proactively with “The Good Menu” campaign. It supported medical staff, was followed by other brands, and was featured as a best brand practice in various reports, including this one.