We shape meaningful brands
designed to conquer hearts
and minds.
And markets.

We are an independent consultancy working with companies that put brands at the heart of their business development strategy.

Our focus is building brands that people like to be around, because there is something that makes them stand out. And that “something” is not a boring slogan or a cliched mission statement, nor is something made up. It is the soul of the business – the true reflection of the company’s authentic spirit, shaped to act as driver of growth and culture. 

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Shape your brand
essence & attributes
for the win

We help you define what your brand stands for and how its purpose manifests in the world.

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Activate your
brand towards
your goals

We craft the strategic road to bring your brand platform to life and reach your audiences.

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Create your
brand development

We help you create the right brand team, the partners network & the content to grow your brand.

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Co-create with
senior creatives &
industry pros

We create a brand activation concept & an action plan across touchpoints and platforms.

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with the best-fit

We turn the concept into a full-scale brand activation produced & launched with the proper partners.

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Guide & coach
your content team
and partners

We train your team to create engaging and effective activation solutions.

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We will diagnose and define the marketing needs of your business and build the optimal marketing processes and structure.


We will optimize existing processes, streamline collaboration between teams, improve financial management.


We provide you with top-level expertise and advisory: ad hoc or in house,  without long-term commitment.


Flexible Process

We do not stick to traditional frames & concepts just because “that’s what consultants or agencies use”. Each brand is unique so the process in defining and bringing it to life should reflect that as well. That makes it real.

From deep-dive projects to fast interventions: we customize our approach to fit the project, not the other way around. And we always leave room for the surprises that come along and are important to the task at hand. Our focus is on the value, not the process. What we deliver are specific, actionable solutions that help you achieve the desired business goals.

Challenger Mindset

We always act as a catalyst for change, improvement and growth. We know how important your business is to you because we are an independent business ourselves. This is why we are fully dedicated to adding real & adequate value to what you do.

Yet, we do not keep quiet when we know a desired move may not be the right move for the brand at the current stage of development. We ask a lot of questions and seek for ways to optimize, innovate and get the most out of your brand.

Mutual Engagement

A brand’s essence and future cannot be defined by external advisers solely. That would make it fake or at best fragmented. This is why we always work with the brand’s leadership team in a shared process and collaborative formats.

Plus the right partners. Minus half-baked contributions. When we are not the people for a certain job, we say so – and we bring recommend the right partners for it. We know what we’re good at and we prefer to work for everything else with pros handpicked based on their expertise, and their fit with the brand.

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