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Shape your brand
essence & attributes
for the win

Your product or service is great, and your brand should be on the same level. We work with you and members of your team to uncover the brand’s true essence and potential, fine-tune its character and determine the way it manifests in the world.

In this process, we use our own proprietary brand definition tool, the Brand Road Map: a flexible, forward-facing framework designed to define the brand as a business asset. What makes it different is its modular nature – its structure is adaptive to fit the specifics of your business, ambitions and opportunities.

Together we craft a long-term brand platform that is authentic to your company, core value proposition and target groups.

Based on your specific needs, you can work with us to:

  • Set (or finetune) the authentic essence of your brand
  • Identify key brand stakeholders and gain understanding of them
  • Define a winning brand territory in people’s minds
  • Identify and develop your brand’s world of assets, attributes, behavioral cues & rituals

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Activate your
brand towards
your goals

Once you have a clear and ownable brand platform, it’s time to make it work for you. For if not brought to life in an adequate way, a brand remains a useless abstraction. With the constantly evolving media world, traditional marketing and old-school methods of advertising are not enough to win – they are just half the picture. For your specific brand they may not be relevant at all.

Today, brands live in multiple dimensions and each one matters to the people who interact with it in different ways. We can help you construct a holistic brand strategy that takes into account all audiences, goals and brand manifestations, actively enhancing your business and bringing measurable results.

In order to do that, we use our tool, the Brand Ecosystem Planner, which maps the complete world of your brand’s assets, media channels, key messages etc. It works simultaneously for your marketing goals, for your employer brand goals and your business development as a whole.

Here are some of the brand setup services we can offer you:

  • Build a holistic annual brand plan of marketing and employer brand activities working together for the specific goals for the year
  • Translate your brand’s value proposition, essence and aspirations into key messages towards different audiences
  • Construct the brand mechanisms that translate and coordinate your messages across channels, experiences and formats, in digital and in “real” life.
  • Serve as an external strategy supervision and council to the team that develops your brand presence and executes your brand activities.

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Create your
brand development

Getting the most of your brand often requires adjusting the mindset and the old ways of working. Whether you are a starting company or are a seasoned organization, we can help you maximize the impact of your brand as key driver of company development and a factor of stability in today’s dynamic environment.

To do that, we first work with you to define the right brand setup for you: a fully external team, an in-house team, or a combination of both. Every brand has its unique needs, which depend on the industry, the audiences, the business structure it serves and the stage of its development. Which is why we believe in the power of a customized brand setup as opposed to borrowing standardized, “proven” solutions. We then help you translate the company’s goals, milestones and ambitions into quantified KPIs for each brand unit.

Depending on your specific needs, we can help you:

  • Define the structure of your custom brand team (roles & processes)
  • Identify the right brand experts & set up the brand team, defining the roles and KPIs (within the company & externally)
  • Develop the creative strategy that links your current goals with your brand presence across channels and audiences
  • Direct and supervise the brand content & experiences creation across channels and formats.

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Co-create with
senior creatives &
industry pros

Create a fully actionable activation concept & action plan across touchpoints and platforms with ready-to-produce activation formats to connect to your audience.


  • Creative director
  • Senior creatives
  • Industry PROs
  • Partners
  • Brand team


  • Creative sprints & co-creation workshop hacks
  • Streamlined creative process
  • Collaborative decision making

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with the best-fit

Produce & launch all assets in a fully functional brand activation across touchpoints & platforms.


  • Selected partners according to project specifics


  • Onboard, guide and supervise all partners: production, media, etc
  • Set and operate a functional & effective coordinated network among all partners

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Guide & coach
your content team
and partners

Creative Direction as a Service (CDaaS) is a process managed by our experienced creative director aimed at making the best out of your brand image potential & navigating and training internal teams and external partners to communicate the brand in emotionally engaging and strategically effective ways.


  • Creative director
  • External &/or internal team
  • Content partners
  • Brand team
  • Other partners depending on project requirements


  • Ongoing, monthly
  • Objective & deliverable based


  • Creative excellence techniques
  • Creative evaluation & feedback methods + how to brief

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