for tech-driven companies (OCT’23)


meaningful and relevant in today’s world, irresistible to both customers and employees, current and potential

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What is the purpose of this training?

We live in a world dominated by social media, constant flow of information and a crisis of trust for the “established” authorities – brands included.

In order to build strong and meaningful brands which people want to have in their lives, the classic principles and rules of branding and marketing are still important in this reality, yet not enough. Especially when it comes to tech brands.

In contrast to brands in the sector of fast-moving goods, luxury goods etc, which already have well-established communication practices, IT and tech-driven brands require a different approach. And many of them are just starting to build their own models of managing the brand and its communication activities.

The purpose of this course is to offer an approach and specific steps in the development of meaningful brands in the IT and tech-driven industry which

  • have something important to say because they are clear on their essence, purpose and direction forward
  • actually make it easier to attract and retain both clients and employees
  • make people feel truly connected to itself.

Our job at the other half is to make this deeper level seen, felt and understood by people, and manageable by the business. 

And in doing so, to unleash the full potential of the brand to drive success and achieve change.

Who is this training for?

This program is created for the professionals in the Marketing / Employer branding teams of the technology/IT sector – or the ones who aim to build their career in these fields.

The content of the course is suitable both for B2C and B2B brands.
The course will be held in Bulgarian.

What’s the flow of the training?

The training program involves 5 half-day sessions where we focus on realistic and practical cases that cover the following topics:

Day 1: Foundations of brand planning
What is it and how does it work; How one product or services becomes a brand; Models of brand organization and intro to the foundational elements of a brand

Day 2: Insight-driven planning
The power of the human insight – what it is and what it’s not. Insight finding & insight writing techniques. Purpose and application of the insights in brand & communication platforms.

Day 3: Building a long-term foundation
Identification and structuring of the foundational elements: how to discover them, how to formulate and validate them

Day 4: Focusing the brand efforts
How to connect the brand to the goals of the business; How to build the connection between the brand and the types of audiences it is created for – clients, employees, partners.

Day 5: Basics of brand presence & communication
Brand presence set up and communication planning: How to create spectacular and effective brand messages & campaigns.

    When and how does it take place?

    The sessions take place in person, from 9 am to 13:30 pm, five consecutive Thursdays, starting October 26th, 2023.

    What is the price to attend?

    • The price of the course is 1500 BGN (VAT excluded)
    • Early Bird (till September 21st, 2023) – 1350 BGN (VAT excluded)
    • Discount for group sign up (more than 3 people from the same company): 10%
    • Final date to sign up: October 13th, 2023

    The places are limited and participants are admitted based on the order of sign up.

    If you have any questions, please contact Natalia
    at / ‭088 2370304

    or jump in

      About the instructors

      Georgi is the Founder & Managing director at the other half, as well as at Black Sea Catch – the brand that aims to change the perceptions about “Black sea food” and to turn sustainable and responsible fishing into a must for our sea. His previous experience is on leadership positions at some of the leading international advertising agencies in Bulgaria. He has worked with brands like Audi, Burton Snowboards, A1, Phillips, Software Group, Netterra.

      Dilyana is the Co-founder of the other half. She leads the Strategic unit the other half / Build, where the focus is building the essence of the brands and the long-term strategy for their development. During the last four years in the company, she led the strategic work for over 40 local and international brands, some of which the technology brands A Data Pro, Shelly, AIBEST, WPX, OLX Group, Klear, Sensika, NIK, Econt & others.


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      About the organization

      The other half is an independent brand lab with a focus on building great brands and creating meaningful connections with all their audiences. We achieve this by shaping the essence of the brand and their communication ecosystem, building and training internal brand teams, conducting collaborative creative sprints, providing CDaaS (Creative Direction as a Service).

      We believe in the power of authentic brands. To unlock the full potential of a brand to attract, retain and delight all its audiences (customers, employees, partners), we apply an innovative approach based on our own system of strategic and creative tools.