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Development of a new brand
Brand strategy
Full brand identity


Kitchen59 is a culinary-themed venue that combines the features of a hotel, a coworking place, a restaurant, a deli, a rooftop bar and a hostel for students. The project focuses on establishing a brand architecture and strategy for a unified brand presence of a complex business.

How do you build a coherent image of kitchen59 when each of its divisions could indeed be a brand of its own?

The concept of kitchen59 is brought to Sofia by a Dutch duo, who aim to turn the place into a driving force of the local creative scene and to enrich it with global cultural influences. The format is a mix of a hotel, a coworking place, a restaurant, a deli, a rooftop bar and a hostel for students. The challenge with this complex business model was to combine all various divisions and features into one unified brand presence that people can associate the venue with.

To solve the challenge of a multi-layered business, we organized a multi-player partnership. An unusual set up where

strategy consultancy and design studio

work hand in hand along the whole process. 

We worked in partnership with Four Plus Studio and involved additional creative experts and key kitchen59 figures. This setup brought more valuable viewpoints early in the process, connecting its phases into one uninterrupted flow. Such a holistic partnership created more opportunity for exploration, more expansive discovery and more thorough analysis of both the brand essence and the visual eco-system that represents it.

In a series of strategy sessions, we dived into the world of possibilities in front of kitchen59, where each brand scenario led to a different business development strategy. The selected brand architecture for kitchen59 allows each of the divisions to live its own life and attract its specific type of people. While at the same time, it contributes to the equity of the unifying brand.

With a clear brand architecture, the next step is the substance. Naturally, at the heart of kitchen59 is the love for food. Yet, this is a broad territory so we had to narrow it down to something memorable and specific. This would help define a unique brand territory. A few brand world sessions brought our diverse brand team to six very specific traits and principles of the kitchen59 brand.

This specific recipe set the unique way the brand comes to life and thus bring the right people to the venue, making kitchen59 a desired destination. 

For more details, check out our

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about the full process on the brand essence & identity creation.