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Mebeli Videnov

Mebeli Videnov

Job Description
  • Brand positioning
  • Creative direction
  • New brand platform launch

Mebeli Videnov started operation 30 years ago and is currently the national leader in the furniture market in terms of turnover. Due to ongoing discount messages and audience perceptions rooted back in previous years and decades the brand image had to catch up with the up-to-date state of the business. Our role was to set the long-term foundations for a gradual brand perception change.

Steering a well established brand in a new direction is a challenging responsibility

Steering a big, well established brand in a new direction and away from a perception built for years is a challenging responsibility. A single campaign is a good start, but it takes time and well planned, gradual efforts that build up. The way you set the foundations for the change is crucial.

When we started working with Mebeli Videnov, the objective was to attract new audiences and address new markets, without alienating the huge base of existing clients who loved their budget deals. In 2021, we took the first steps together with Mebeli Videnov, defining what parts of the brand’s rich legacy should be kept, and what changes and upgrades are needed in order to make it to the next level.

Our role: Set the long-term foundations for a gradual brand perception change.

We spent a lot of time digging into the brand’s culture and key assets that had made it successful till now. We talked to employees of all levels and regions, business partners, current and potential customers, and to brand rejectors, too. We visited their offices, showrooms, the factory, their cantine, and observed the Videnov-people doing their thing.

Our objective was to find out and articulate the spirit of Mebeli Videnov, the key assets that have fueled their success, and above all – what the brand truly stands for and how that could work for new audiences, too.

We found out a lot to admire about Mebeli Videnov beyond the unbeatable low prices. Our next step was to codify all key brand assets into a Brand Roadmap, which would serve as the long-term compass to upgrading the brand perception.

The first campaign of a long brand perception change is crucial.

So we built a communication platform that could work both for current & new audiences, based on the Brand Road Map. The communication platform “Afford more” was born. To bring it to life, we worked with a team of creative freelancers,  PushPull productions and director Petko Spasov.

After this successfully completed steering our job was done. The brand was set on the right track and ready to speed full throttle forward. It was time for a full-service partner to take over and evolve the platform into activations across touchpoints and seasons. One year later we are happy to see the Mebeli Videnov brand is making huge progress in the same direction thanks to the brilliant work by AllChannels with “Колекция българска” and we are convinced every next step is going to mark a new height.