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OLX Group

Job Description

Global brand strategy adaptation;
Brand localization; Brand engagement



With more than 350 Million customers on 40+ markets,

the OLX Group is the global online classifieds leader.

Multi-market domination does not come without challenges, and remaining locally relevant while following the global brand direction is a crucial and delicate equation.

The goal of this project was to adapt and localize the global brand outline of OLX to Bulgaria’s market, without compromising its rich heritage and local specifics. Our aim was to create a sense of purpose, belonging and ownership within the team, as well as to define a relevant, authentic foundation of the relationship between the brand and its clients and partners.

Our approach consisted of three main stages that took place within 10 weeks. We investigated the current perceptions towards the OLX brand in Bulgaria and analyzed them in regard to the global brand direction.

We then invited key members of the OLX team to co-create the local brand outline in a collaborative work session.

In the last phase, we structured the brand essence of OLX Bulgaria in a practical tool for the team to rely on. In this process, we used our own proprietary brand definition tool, the Brand Road Map: a flexible, forward-facing framework designed to define the brand as a business asset.

In the final stage of the project, we involved the whole OLX Bulgaria team in the process, through an internal Brand Event where each member contributed to translating the local values into behavior principles and accepting one unique purpose for the OLX brand in Bulgaria.