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Strategy Masterclass 2019

There are not too many well-prepared strategists working in the Bulgarian advertising.

And that is hardly surprising: there are not enough opportunities to learn the skills or to access the tools.

To change that, we created a Strategy Masterclass in partnership with Praktika, aiming to enhance the practical strategic capabilities among advertising professionals. The program covers topics and exercises on the role of the strategic planner, the essence of the strategic work and the stages of the process, focusing on how to:

  • Interpret the client brief and the available data to uncover non-obvious problems and opportunities
  • Identify, formulate and validate the general strategic direction
  • Apply techniques to gather and verbalize insights
  • Make use of tools and templates to formulate the creative strategy and write the creative brief
  • Use the strategic thinking as a key driver for business development

The first edition of the Masterclass took place in January 2019 and accepted 20 participants that came from 9 of Bulgaria’s best known communication agencies (plus: one media specialist, one political advisor, one techie). Here is some of their feedback: