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A Data Pro Group / Updata One

Job Description
  • Brand Architecture,
  • Umbrella brand development,
  • Visual identity development / upgrade,
  • Core brand assets development,
  • Brand roll-out

The group of companies around A Data Pro started out as an outsourcing provider some 20 years ago, to grow into its current role of a leading provider of data-driven business intelligence services. Our job was to upgrade and organize the group’s brand presence, with a highlight of its progress and the exciting possibilities ahead of the group.

This extraordinary project is probably the most challenging task we’ve had to tackle thus far.

It started with the question:

Can we create

a truthful yet simple and easy to understand brand story

about a complex business structure dealing with sophisticated data stuff that not too many people truly understand?

As it turned out – no, we could not do that 🙃

At least not without having to compromise the complexity of the culture, and sacrifice important aspects of

who they are

what they do

and what they stand for.

So we decided to change the angle:

What if

we embrace complexity and sophistication instead?

Why not celebrate them as key brand characteristics and the core of success and culture?

What if we put versatility and constant data-driven change at the core of the brand presence?

But first let’s back up a bit.

Old Logos


A Data Pro is a 20+ year old holding company that deals with numerous aspects of data mining and collection, data analytics and verification etc. 

It consists of several companies, has a complex internal structure and maintains a number of client-facing brands – all with different value propositions, audiences and target markets. Sometimes they would even end up in a position to compete against each other.

As a truly global 21-century structure, they were struggling with some very mundane challenges:

How to outgrow the legacy

of an outsourcing provider

and present to the world its true value

and the exciting capabilities at hand, including its sharp business intelligence and cutting-edge AI offerings?

How to keep the independence and the character of the various brands in the portfolio, while increasing the sense of belonging to the group?

The task:

Entering this

full-scale brand architecture design and rebranding project,

our job was to help the client put the whole house in order.

We had 2 major audiences to address:

  • Internal: employees, both current and potential. Increasing the attractiveness of the company as an employer was a central task;
  • External: including clients, partners, institutions. The aim was to position the group as a high-value data processing global company driven by innovation.

Our Approach:

Step One:

Deep dive

We conducted an extensive research, a 360-degree deep dive with all stakeholders (employees of all levels, clients, partners) and a series of workshops that provided us with valuable insights.

As a next step, we put the findings in action, developing several scenarios for brand architecture and core positioning.

The scenarios were evaluated in a few work sessions in order to evaluate their possible implication and potential. Together with the client, we selected and refined the one that was identified as most beneficial to the future of business.

Step Two:

Put the house in order


We created Updata One with the purpose to serve as an umbrella brand, unifying the various teams and client-facing brands

Updata One’s primary aim is to create an objective image of the impressive capabilities and offerings, and to unite all employees working for the various brands under one common purpose. 

Its future activities and communication should improve the overall work & communication processes, and create a coherent culture.

At the core of the new brand was the powerful message:

We Make Sense

All client-facing portfolio brands remain independent. Their brand presence, communication and core value propositions, however, are aligned with the umbrella brand and the unifying purpose.


Step Three:


To bring the brand to life, we decided to place constant change driven by data streams at the core.

We partnered with Photon Graphics design studio. They created an ever-evolving visual world directly based on the brand core: clearly recognizable yet constantly changing. Just like the world of data itself.


Apart from the core brand identity, we created an extensive set of corporate materials, videos, etc. intended for internal usage.

For the Website we partnered with Onload Agency, creating a custom-build, data-driven engine that visualizes real data streams processed by the company.

The website received admiration from both Upadata One’s clients and partners, and the communication industry. It received several awards, including those:

Site of the day

We aimed at a brand communication that would fit the core idea, so we designed it to be a fluid, constantly evolving flow that is fueled by the data. Check the progress!