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Clients & Agenncies: The State of The Partnership

The world of marketing and advertising is undergoing a deep transformation.
The main reasons for that are the disrupted media landscape, the dominance of social media networks and smart devices, and the constant flow of lifestyle-changing tech innovations. All that leads to significant changes in people’s lives, and to a fundamental shift in their expectations towards brands.

How does this new reality affect the partnership between communication agencies and their clients? What are the attitudes and the mutual expectations on both sides?

Together with Blue Point, we decided to look for empirical answers. We gathered data through a representative survey of both groups, and analyzed the current state of the clients-agencies partnership on the Bulgarian market.

The results are clearly showing the need for change. Both sides will benefit from a more efficient and productive collaboration – one that reflects the current market reality, and is based on a redefined value proposal.

The first step towards it is to speak openly about what this means in practical steps and concrete changes.

Below is the full report in Bulgarian (download it here):

Interested in the executive summary in English? Email us and get your free copy!