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Genius Steals Talk

Rosie & Faris from Genius Steals are quite a colorful duo. Beyond Rosie’s pink hair and Faris’s dreadlocks, of course. You can see how they combine colors from all their trips around the world and apply them in creating meaningful strategy work for various audiences across the globe.

In June, they took a stop in Bulgaria where they gave a talk at the Bulgarian festival for advertising creativity (ФАРА). It was a wonderful opportunity to hang with them and discuss topics ranging from the future of advertising to the meaning of time, to our moms’ recipes, and everything between. Together with our friends from Capital magazine, we organized a post-festival meetup in Sofia and recorded one of our conversations with Genius Steals.

In this 40-minute talk, you will hear Rosie, Faris and Gavaza discuss topics like the true meaning of originality, the ways we use creativity to impact culture and the opportunities for companies (and people) based in smaller/peripheral countries to compete on the global market.