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Terry Kyle. A Talk on Business and Purpose

For this talk, we invited someone we’ve been working with for quite some time now. The main goal of our work together is to achieve world dominance. Literally. Just wait for it.

Our guest in this episode is Terry Kyle – an Australian entrepreneur who has chosen Bulgaria as the location from which he is changing the world now.

In 2013, Terry got tired with the mediocre service of hosting companies, he decided to start his own. Now, he is the CEO of the fastest wordpress hosting company in the world. His problem-solving attitude does not stay only in the business world, however. In addition to that, his very own NGO has been saving street animals and has already helped over 1000 homeless dogs find their homes.

In this talk Terry and Didi discuss

… the changing face of business and its role in the future

… the new ways a business can stand out in a saturated market

… the problem with CSR when dealing with societal problems

… the difference between leaving a legacy and having impact

… the ROI of being a purpose-driven brand and why a business should opt-in on social activism for the long haul.